Ahmed Allam IP law firm was founded by Ahmed allam who is an experienced patent attorney �for ten years with a wide background in both chemistry, Physics and Law , thereby established a full-service IP law and translation firm representing local and global small to mid-sized business clients and inventors in Egypt and Arab countries and all over the world .He graduated from a British school and obtained a Bachelor of Science, chemistry department, university of Alexandria, and then obtained a bachelor of law, English department, university of Alexandria.He had been a senior patent and trade mark attorney and scientific translator at leading firms in Dubai then Egypt since 2001 registering and enforcing patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copy right and translating a great number of inventions for all the scientific fields�

He is very thorough and familiar with all the technical fields, which helps him to create the strongest possible patent application and work around prior art by taking into account what patents already exist. Our firm protects your invention or idea until it is a reality and offers other Intellectual property services such as patent and trademark searches, copyright filings, and opinions regarding patentability and clearance to operate in addition to keeping the costs down for our clients
We value creativity and innovation and to this mission we have been investing all our assets in order to preserve Intellectual Property rights, as we believe that it is one of nations� development engines

Owing to our Long experience in the IP filed and� scientific translation , we serve our clients in having an exclusive rights to the creative work� for a certain period of time� through� providing �a range of unique quality professional services in� patents , utility models , industrial designs and trade marks (� symbols, names, images ) , copy rights (musical, literary, artistic works and software ) ,� undisclosed information ( Trade Secrets ) , �plant varieties , Domains, licensing �and related rights �in a most efficient and professional manner in Egypt ,� Arab countries� and� all over the world through our extensive network of subagents in the world



Our Law firm is a registered IP office in the Egyptian patent administration, member of the Egyptian Bar Association, a member of the Egyptian association of intellectual property and a member of the Egyptian association of authorized translators
The Firm includes experienced attorneys and legal advisors of different categories
Such as The information we provide is comprehensive and tailored to your needs by adopting new technology and contemporary management methods to continually �improve efficiency of our services for expanding our client�s base and cultivate long-lasting clients relationships.

We have a number of specialists in IP rights and� authorized translators including chemists , chemical engineers , biologists, molecular biologists , electrical engineers, mechanical engineers,� computer scientists, computer engineers,.